Agility in Uncertainty

This programme has been launched in light of our new reality and business UNusual. The onset of the COVID19 Pandemic has brought major disruptions to the world as we knew it. How do we become the leaders we need to be and adjust and adapt quickly to our new environment.

It has been proven that the right amount of pressure creates optimal performance.

Consulting Skills

This programme is intended for client-facing professionals to develop a consulting mindset and capability that will enable stronger relationships with clients developing a client-centric approach, to anticipate and understand their needs and to deliver on promises

Emotional Intelligence

This programme prepares managers to manage in the new world of work by transferring the knowledge and skills needed to manage both self and others. It enables managers to become more self-aware and manage their emotions in a productive way, whilst still getting the best performance from their people and addresses topics like managing diversity, self-mastery (managing self), problem-solving, becoming emotionally intelligent (managing your emotions) in a practical way so that the new behaviour is applied in the workplace.

Virtual Executive Coaching

One of the four main pillars at Solstice is our Coaching and Mentoring Hub. We specialize in designing customized coaching sessions for individuals, coaching platforms for organisations and mentoring solutions. Through our i-academy and we-mentor coaching support structures, we ensure that the inherent potential of the individual is unlocked.

The Coaching Hub offers you an exciting Virtual Executive Coaching Solution (VEC) which has been successfully rolled out to leaders across the globe