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Care and Support


  • Acute Trauma Care
  • Brief Crisis Therapy
  • Self-Care Support Group

Care and Support Unit


The Care and Support Unit, offers remedial and support interventions to those suffering from Trauma and Adversity, and suffering from life challenges.

Acute Trauma Support

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Our Acute Trauma Care, offers a trauma support service to people that experience acute trauma.  This is a seven-days-a-week service, by experienced trauma counselors, to deal with acute trauma, caused by events such as:

·       Death of a family member, a friend, or a work colleague;

·       A victim of any sort of crime;

·       Any kind of accident and or injury;

·       A divorce or the breakup of a long term relationship;

·       Job-loss;

·       Covid-19 positive diagnoses or any other medical diagnosis;


Acute Trauma Care, consists of One (1) initial session plus three (3) follow-up sessions if needed. In case additional support is needed you will be referred to one of our Psychologists for Brief Crisis Therapy (BCT).


Everybody experiences traumatic events at some stage in their lives. Unexpected adversity impacts greatly on the person’s wellness, work performance and productivity.  It also impacts on a person’s emotional, and physical well-being. Trauma should never be neglected and the sooner support can be provided, the better and the quicker a person can return to normal life.

Brief Crisis Therapy

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Brief Crisis Therapy (BCT) is offered to those needing to address and/or resolve the prevailing trauma or challenges.

The application of proven short-term psychotherapeutic interventions will enable the client to return to their normal activities in the shortest possible time.

In a typical Brief Crisis Therapy case, the treatment does not extend beyond 3 sessions.


Where required, counsellors will refer clients who may need more intensive psychotherapy, to a psychologist at the Crisis Intervention Centre.  

Self-Care Support Groups

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Self-care as a part of daily living. It is the care taken by individuals towards their own health and well-being, and includes the care extended to their children, family, friends and others in neighbourhoods and local communities.  Self-care encompasses mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of well-being.  

This offering consists of a series of six (6) facilitated confidential and compassionate small group sessions (up to 8 members). Members pool their wisdom and insights to help one another navigate optimally past, current and anticipated work and life challenges.  Members are required to attend all sessions to derive the most benefit from these groups. 

During this process, members will determine whether they need further interventions in the form of:

  • Individual self-care sessions with a counsellor, social worker and/or psychologist
  • Further wellness/resilience development and/or
  • Training/education to optimise their overall well-being.

Resilience Training